We are not alone, everything we do impacts someone.
May it be positive and maybe even have a far-reaching ripple effect...

PAZAZZ is a meeting ground that supports your world, kids and family together with Service that Uplifts ... Ideas that Inspire.


It is with service that Pazazz strives to grow critical family bonds and children who are more compassionate and resilient. In addition, please enjoy wide-ranging  articles addressing the needs of adults and child-rearing today. Holidays will be sparked by holiday-themed service,recipes and values-oriented books.

We hope to draw upon our extensive experience as teachers/parents and community service learning leaders to grow happier kids who practice the empowering joy of giving to others.

We're very excited about caring and sharing with YOU, our new community. Do join us!

Big Shaggy Max


Patti and Carol's 1st book!

Alex is a friendly third grader who forgets his homework, loses his jacket, and often runs late. He doesn't mean to get into trouble. It's like trouble finds him. He dreams of one day having a dog, but his parents refuse. Dogs are a lot of work, and Alex is way too irresponsible to take care of a pet or so they think. Alex is determined to prove them wrong.

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Lovable Grandpa Joe


Patti and Carol's 2nd book!

Alex has a very close relationship with his Grandpa Joe. They're best friends. Alex even works at his grandpa's neighborhood bike shop, Speedy Wheels. One day something terrible happens. An accidental fire starts in the bike shop, and Alex blames himself. What's Alex to do?

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Fun and easy little service projects to stimulate action that grows the heart. Our long volunteer work consistently proves that such active outreach nurtures those important life skills such as leadership, team work, respect, tolerance and self-confidence. How fabulous for families to “play” together in such a way and at the same time extend themselves to others. The big takeaway – it grows happiness and is so fun.


Bedtime with Books


Cuddle + Kind


Sam's Tech for Seniors


One Voice

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Little Ones

builds heart and soul

Educational websites, interactive games connecting family and friends near and far and Good Reads. These books promote such timeless values as love, friendship, teamwork, gratefulness, hope and much more.








Good Reads

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Bright Stars

supports your world

Featuring inspirational people, messages and articles from our wide variety of relationships to support parents and kids tackling today's fascinating and challenging world.

Shy Girls Smiling for the Camera.jpg

Growing Ethical Little Ones

Smart Phone with Girls on Bicycle.jpg

Addiction to Media


Salt in My Soul


That's What My Mother Said

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Holiday Celebrations

Reminds us... home is where the heart is.

Holiday themed values-oriented books, recipes and happiness growing service activities.

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Mother's Day


Father's Day


Independence Day


Labor Day

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Here's what Greg Richards, Ph.D., Director of Middle Grades Ethics Project had to say...

"Congratulations to the creative and caring creators of PAZAZZ. Parents are always looking for ideas and support from experts and peers who share their core values for their families. Thank you for creating this meeting ground for those who seek to promote and nurture compassion, service, and character in their children.. All the best as you build on this great beginning."


LuNel LeMieux - Beverly Hills Maple Counseling Center - BHUSD Community Circle Meeting Founder/Leader for an astounding 45 years had this to say...

"I loved it and couldn’t stop reading all the stories, so I read everything!! It was energizing!  I learned a lot about wonderful people and what they are compassionate about. As one person talked about “windows,” I think this does provide a BIG window of inspiration to all readers. I felt the connection to all the writers. Their passion came through!"