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Hits The Road
(School + Library Visits)

I'm here with Orley Garber and 1st/2nd graders at the very lovely St. James School in Koreatown. Delighted to come to your school, too!


BIG SHAGGY MAX and I were honored to be apart of the grand celebration of Launch Just In Case, 3 years in development! This incredibly comprehensive Emergency Preparedness Program was conceived by Mayor Lili Bosse and painstakingly developed by voluntary leader, Vera Markowitz, Fire Chief Greg Barton and others. What an achievement! -   One- Of-A Kind in the United States! Click here to learn more.


So proud of Beverly Hills for its dedication. 

Remember - Safety First! 


Hawthorne School Spooktacular Pajamarama


Beverly Hills Fire Department
Open House


Kudos to the Beverly Hills Fire Department for another so fun and informative Open House. They always go all out!  Especially thrilling was the firefighter doing aerial gymnastics as he descended from a 100 foot ladder!  


For a little folksy flair, there was story time. The kids loved Big Shaggy Max as we shared a reading of award- winning  children’s story, LOVABLE GRANDPA JOE,  dedicated to our brave and courageous firefighters. 

Pressman Academy 4.jpg
Pressman Academy 1.jpg

Pressman Academy

Pressman Academy 3.jpg
Pressman Academy 2.jpg
Canfield Elementary Library.jpg

Canfield Elementary School

Canfield Elementary students.jpg

Horace Mann Elementary School

P&C at HM Book Fair.jpg
HM Book Fair.jpg

Big Shaggy Max visits the Beverly Hills Children's Library!

BH Children's Library - 2-10-19.jpg
BH Children's Library - Reading to Kids.
BH Children's Library - with Little Max.
BH Children's Library - Pirnts into Thea
BH Children's Library - Paw Prints! _edi

Big Shaggy Max makes an appearance at Woofstock in Beverly Hills!

Woofstock-Patti Carol Garth.jpg

Meet Garth, Big Shaggy Max's understudy!

Woofstock-Big shaggy max-Watson!.jpg

Watson LOVES Big Shaggy Max!

Woofstock-Patti with Ms. Beverly.jpg

Patti and Ms. Beverly!

Woofstock-With Rescue Old English Sheepd

Big Shaggy Max right next to the Old English Sheepdog Rescue!

Woofstock-Jacque Nikki doing pawdicures.

Jacque and Nikki volunteer to give pawdicures!


Snoopy gives hugs

Woofstock-Nikki holding a pomeranian for

Nikki holds a pomeranian getting a pawdicure

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