Big Shaggy Max

Big Shaggy Max (ages 5-9)

by Patricia T. Tanenbaum and Carol A. Zaslow

Alex is a friendly third grader who forgets his homework, loses his jacket, and often runs late. He doesn't mean to get into trouble. It's like trouble finds him. He dreams of one day having a dog, but his parents refuse. Dogs are a lot of work, and Alex is way too irresponsible to take care of a pet or so they think. Alex is determined to prove them wrong.

Cheers to BIG SHAGGY MAX for receiving the Mom's Choice Gold Award honoring excellence in family friendly media, products and services. 

A portion of sales will be donated to the Delta Rescue Sanctuary - loving home to more than 1,500 abandoned cats and dogs rescued from the wilderness.​

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See what our youngest endorser, 3 year old Benjamin, had to say about Big Shaggy Max!

Young Benjamin Endorses Big Shaggy Max!
Benjamin Endorses Big Shaggy Max


"BIG SHAGGY MAX is a cute, fun, sweet story that teaches kids about problem solving, responsibility and pet adoption. I read it to my children and they loved it.They wanted me to read it over and over. I must admit, I love this story for the lessons it teaches and the positive attitude it set.


BIG SHAGGY MAX is a book that can be equally enjoyed by teachers, parents, and children."


 - Joyce Stewart, Stewart Book Reviews: Read the rest of the review here!

“The best children’s stories captivate the imagination while capturing the soul, and that is why your children will adore Big Shaggy Max. Tanenbaum and Zaslow have created a story that is sure to stimulate plenty of meaningful classroom and bedroom discussions about the importance of community and how even little kids can do BIG things!”

- Danny Brassell, Ph.D., internationally-acclaimed speaker, bestselling author of 16 books and creator of

“This is a wonderful book for all children. I love the intelligent, wonderful happy ending of Big Shaggy Max. As Alex struggles to find an answer, he is empowered to go in the right direction. When he suffers a setback, there is no acting out, just responsible, positive solutions. I love it. “

- Nancy Krasne, former mayor city of Beverly Hills and school teacher for over 25 years

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About the Authors

PATRICIA T. TANENBAUM taught at a private school in New York City, raised three children, and founded the Beverly Hills Unified K-12 Community Service Learning Program. CAROL A. ZASLOW, mother of two, taught early education in Inglewood, California, and as PTA president developed the Community Service Program at her daughters' school. Together, they developed a popular annual fundraiser in California, BookEnds Kids Helping Kids For Literacy Scrabble Challenge. For more information about the authors and to have them visit your school, please email us at

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