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Lovable Grandpa Joe


Alex has a very close relationship with his Grandpa Joe. They're best friends. Alex even works at his grandpa's neighborhood bike shop, Speedy Wheels. One day something terrible happens. An accidental fire starts in the bike shop, and Alex blames himself. What's Alex to do?

And from Kathryn Kehoe, Mother of two, Grandmother of four, and former 3rd-grade teacher in NYC...


"LOVABLE GRANDPA JOE follows a young child's undaunted drive to help his family and community. Even when his efforts go awry, you can't help loving how tireless Alex is in his wish to help his grandpa. And, of course, Big Shaggy Max keeps us laughing with his unbridled exuberance."

Surprise!... Something quite charming and dear at the end. Don't miss it! 

A portion of sales will be donated to Love for our Elders (, an organization dedicated to enriching the lives of seniors, too often forgotten, with kindness and joy.

Lovable Grandpa Joe may be purchased at these fine establishments:


Cheers to LOVABLE GRANDPA JOE for receiving the Mom's Choice Gold Award honoring excellence in family friendly media, products and services. 


Thank you, Dr. Tracy Zaslow, Pediatric Sports Medicine, Children's Hospital! It was her ingenious idea to gift LOVABLE GRANDPA JOE to the many Children's Orthopedic Center patients.


"This is a wonderful, intergenerational story of a child's love and respect for a grandparent, filled with madcap antics and adventures. It also highlights a community's appreciation of an older person's contribution to others. We can't find enough of these stories that include all ages and this is definitely one to cherish."


-Sehnita Joshua Mattison, Television Producer



"Alex Bigsby is a little boy with big ideas. But has he bitten off more than he can chew? Forgetting to unplug his grandfather’s old coffeepot at Grandpa Joe’s Bike Shop teaches Alex and his friends a valuable lesson in fire safety, and their eagerness to earn quick cash without carefully doing their work educates them on the importance of follow-through. One of the pillars of character is the responsibility, and this is a great book to teach children how to take responsibility for one’s actions."


- Danny Brassell, Ph.D., internationally-acclaimed speaker, bestselling author of 16 books and co-creator of



"Congratulations to Tanenbaum and Zaslow! They have crafted a colorful tale, weaving important messages of forgiveness, determination, community, and character into the special story of a boy and his grandfather. Working in a senior living community, I see the delight in the eyes of our residents when a child visits. As a parent, I know the importance of that intergenerational bond. I hope families read LOVABLE GRANDPA JOE together, remembering how special they make each other feel, and remembering that seniors, like little kids, do BIG things, too!"


- Amy Nol, Senior Living Concierge, and Mother of three



"If you ask a grandparent what is so special about their grandchild, they are often lost for words. The bond seems to exist in a deep place where words hardly exist. Lovable Grandpa Joe reveals the love, the caring, and the attachment involved in a relationship like no other. You will understand if you have one of your own. Your life will feel extended and rejuvenated."


- Lunel Lemieux, Creator/ Director, Community Circle, Beverly Hills Maple Counseling Center



"A uniquely wonderful book that captures the special bond between a grandchild and grandparent and shines light on seniors, who are at times forgotten  There are not enough such books that entertain and show kids the winning way of Teamwork coupled with Love. "


- Isabel Hacker, Mother of three boys and President Beverly Hills Board of Education



"Tanenbaum and Zaslow have wonderfully shared their books with my 2nd grade on Dr. Seuss' Birthday- Read Across America. Day. They love their very relatable stories. As a teacher, I especially appreciate the way their lively, engaging discussions have inspired many of my students to explore their own creative writing endeavors. I heartily encourage the heart-warming LOVABLE GRANDPA JOE for your children."


- Linda Gregorczyk, a 2nd-grade teacher



"This is the most charming children’s story that invites parents to discuss so many important issues. LOVABLE GRANDPA JOE not only teaches our children about fire safety, but also about community, teamwork, and being responsible and caring. These timeless values cannot be over-emphasized."


- Ann Banks, Former School Psychologist, Art Therapist and Grandmother of six



"Readers who enjoyed meeting Big Shaggy Max and his devoted pal, Alex will be happy to follow their adventures in LOVABLE GRANDPA JOE, where Alex learns some important lessons in responsibility as he faces a series of challenges and is determined to make things right."


- Edith A. Buie, MFT

"This was a cute storyline and message on how kids can find ways to raise money. The illustrations were great!"

- Amber Lewis, NetGalley Reviewer

"The book is about Alex and his friends who try to help him raise money for his Grandpa Joe’s shop. Speedy Wheels is an old cycle store and a famous one in the area. The place suffers from a fire accident due to an old coffee pot being left plugged. Alex feels responsible as it was his duty to unplug the appliances. 

He tries to earn money in different ways and help his grandpa. His earlier attempts are a flop, but he and his friends don’t give up. They paint an old garage and raise money. Their class teacher also helps them make a list of Fire Safety rules, which they hand over to Grandpa Joe, along with the money. 

The age group isn’t mentioned on NG, but I’m not sure if little ones might sit long enough to read through the text. The book has text on one page and illustrations on the other alternatively. Kids might want to skip the pages and watch the illustrations instead. Maybe the book is for slightly older ones who can sit still and read more words. 

The concept and the execution are good, though the title could have been something else. Preferably one that included Alex and his adventures."

Srivalli Rekha, NetGalley Reviewer

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