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One day Alex brings Oliver to Mr. Peaches' Pooches. They head straight to the biggest cage in the back.

Woof, woof, Max barks.

"Sit, big boy." When Max sits, Alex gives him a treat.


Alex and Oliver sit inside of Max's pen and take turns brushing him.


"Stay," Alex says to Max.


He gets up to refill the water bowl and forgets to close the gate. Max races out and knocks over a huge display of canned dog food.


CRASH! A rack holding brightly colored leashes and collars is strewn across the floor, scattered in all directions.


Alex drops the water bowl as Max crashes into him and immediately begins licking him.

The bowl shatters.


Oliver says, "Here we go again! Where's the Mac?"


"It's my fault, Mr. Peaches," Alex quickly explains, eyeing the puddle of water on the floor. "I forgot to close the pen gate. I won't do that again. Ever. I promise."

"Oh, Alex, what am I going to do with you?" Mr. Peaches says. "You arrived late twice this week and now this mess." 

"I'm sorry, Mr. Peaches," Alex whispers. "I really am."

"Accidents happen," he says with a long sigh. "I know you're trying your best."

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