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Little Kids do BIG Things

Our series is entitled Little Kids Do BIG Things. As parents and educators, we know children love to be helpers and problem solvers. Our ongoing cast of characters teaches us that working together respectfully, through trial and error, but never giving up, is the BEST way to problem solve. The payoff? They grow in character and happiness. We love that they always share their accomplishment with the community. We, the authors, honor their efforts by donating a portion of book sales to a complimentary non-profit.   

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Beverly Hills Fire Department
Open House


Kudos to the Beverly Hills Fire Department for another so fun and informative Open House. They always go all out!  Especially thrilling was the firefighter doing aerial gymnastics as he descended from a 100 foot ladder!  


For a little folksy flair, there was story time. The kids loved Big Shaggy Max as we shared a reading of award- winning  children’s story, LOVABLE GRANDPA JOE,  dedicated to our brave and courageous firefighters. 


Interview with
Sandra Santiago

Authors Patti T. and Carol Z. were recently interviewed by Sandra Santiago about the series Little Kids Do Big Things. Click here to check out the interview!


About the Authors

PATRICIA T. TANENBAUM taught at a private school in New York City, raised three children, and founded the Beverly Hills Unified K-12 Community Service Learning Program.


CAROL A. ZASLOW, mother of two, taught early education in Inglewood, California, and as PTA president developed the Community Service Program at her daughters' school.


Together, they developed a popular annual fundraiser in California, BookEnds Kids Helping Kids For Literacy Scrabble Challenge. For more information about the authors and to have them visit your school, please email us at

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