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A little bit about me, Patti. I am a proud California native raised in Beverly Hills. Ventured to UC Berkeley where upon graduation I was swept away by my husband to New York City. What was a Social Science Field Major to do in NYC? I combed the pavements and found a job as an assistant teacher in a private school. So began my teaching career and lifelong devotion to kids.

Then, after criss-crossing the country, packing and repacking, our family finally landed! Amazingly, 2 blocks from where I was raised! Life consisted of raising 3 children, lots of volunteer leadership and the Co-Founding of, and a long-spanning involvement with the Community Service Learning Program K-12 for Beverly Hills Unified Schools. In between, my husband served as Mayor of Beverly Hills for two terms. I became an in house political consultant and event planner too.

Most recently, I began writing children's books - ages 5- 9 years - and our series is entitled, Little Kids Do BIG Things. Gloriously, my writing partner is my incubator buddy, Carol Zaslow. We were both preemies, had moms named Marge, poodles as pets and loved the color yellow, became teachers, and began service programs for our kids as PTA volunteer leaders, though we were out of touch for decades! A match made in heaven? Absolutely! . We are soooo delighted that our two award-winning books, BIG Shaggy Max and Lovable Grandpa Joe are available for you on Pazazz, Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Our 3rd book.. in production. 

Again, welcome to PAZAZZ! It is very rewarding to be caring and sharing with YOU!! 


Hello, my name is Carol. Yes, Patti and I met as "incubator babies".

While I was growing up in Westwood, CA, Patti was growing up in Beverly Hills, CA. I remember attending her Sweet Sixteen birthday party! I attended University of Southern California where I majored in English, Social Sciences and Education. I taught kindergarten and first grade at Inglewood's Title 1 Schools for several years. I stayed home to raise two daughters. Always, I have loved being involved with children. I started a D.A.R.E. program at the elementary school, volunteered as a Brownie Troop Leader and Room Mother, PTA President, and started the Community Service and Service Learning Program at my children's school.

Patti and I reconnected at a Community Service Lunch and we've been dear friends ever since. Although we had been out of touch for a long while, we marveled at our similarities. We each had become  PTA Presidents, created and run Community Service programs, had little French poodles named "Jolie" as children, and even had the same wallpaper in our adult homes. Incredible, yes?! Becoming writing partners for children's stories just came naturally!   We served on the Board of a nonprofit organization, BookEnds. There we ran The Scrabble Challenge fundraiser for six years to support literacy and "kids helping kids" to get books. My husband and I have been married for over 45 years.  We now have five grandchildren under the age of five and an adorable Bichon Frise puppy named "Zoe".


My name is Maria. I'm married with 3 children. We also have a dwarf bunny named "Shadow" and a Bichon Frise puppy named "Finn". I have volunteered with the PTA since 2001, working with the Community Service Learning program, and as a Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Auditor and PTA President. In addition, I work full time as the Registrar at the high school.

I met Patti after I started volunteering in the PTA. My volunteer experience began on the Community Service Learning committee and at that time, Patti was a consultant with the program. I bumped into her in the District Office at the beginning of summer and she was looking for some help with the annual newsletter. The person who was helping her was no longer able to assist. I said "I can help you with that" and that started our friendship.

I met Carol a few years ago at a party at Patti's house. We chatted for a long time and I came away from that party with another friend. When Patti told me about this idea she had for a website with her friend Carol and they needed some help to get it going, I said "I can help you with that."

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