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That's What My Mother Said


Embedded Deeply in our Hearts... Forever

When I was growing up who was a girl's #1 teacher? Her Jewish mother, of course. One of my favorite lessons was a dance, mother called the "one step" which through the years has guided me over many a bumpy floor. I've come "round" to calling it the Gospel of the one-step, because what my mother said was "gospel." I'd love to teach you how to do it.

1st - Resolve to see your work, your task - no matter how big - in terms of one day's work - one duty at a time.

2nd - Resolve to handle any trouble, sorrow, or temptation for this one day. Don't continue to carry yesterday's burden; don't try to imagine what tomorrow holds.

3rd - Resolve to take one step NOW toward being a better person. You know one thing you could do now, do it! Then you'll know what the next step should be - and you'll have the power to take it.

That's what my mother said!

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