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Salt in My Soul


By: Mallory Smith

Salt in My Soul: An Unfinished Life, by Mallory Smith, is her so very inspiring story, edited from her 2500 page journal she kept religiously from the age of 15 to her passing as 25. Just before she was to receive a double lung transplant, she finally gave her mother the password to her computer, and said, “Mom, I know you’ll know what to do with this, just include nothing that could be hurtful.”

Mallory Smith grew up in Beverly Hills, CA and was diagnosed at three years old with Cystic Fibrosis. There were 1000 people who attended her funeral when she died at 25. 

A gifted writer, her dedicated journaling became her lifeline. It was her determination to never forget the details of her life and burning desire for her life to mean something. Her writing provided some clarity amidst escalating health challenges, as she struggled to somehow balance Life and Sickness. Her mantra: "live happy". We can glean strength from her defiance to live as fully as possible.

Who was Mallory Smith? She was a very intelligent, kind and compassionate young woman with introspection way beyond her years, Oh my! How she draws you in with her fearless, nakedly honest journaling and generosity of spirit. What she achieves is an unforgettable portrait of a young, indefatigable woman with a contagious spirit that you’ll never forget and draw upon throughout your life.

One marvels that even with a daunting treatment regimen, she manages to not let her fears and insecurities override her desire to live freely. Somehow she manages this with such grace. Imagine! She administered IV treatments before leaving for the Senior Prom where she was voted Prom Queen.

We cannot help but grow to love this entirely endearing, kind, good young woman. Her life was often a struggle, yet her spirit seemed almost unflappable. If we can take in her words, we can’t help but be profoundly affected, to even better appreciate health and the freedom it affords.

It is for this reason, our daughter Rachael and I have gifted this book to many of our women friends, to share an exemplary young woman whose intensely personal book provides a guidepost to "live happy". Please know that ALL book proceeds benefit Mallory’s Legacy Fund at the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

And stay tuned! The documentary of Salt in My Soul is in production.

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