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Mother's Day

Mother and Baby in Autumn

With a Little Flower...

How about a fresh flower stem to Mom and perhaps some other moms too?

Might you have some extra allowance money to spare? What if you were to “raid” that piggy bank and go to your local store, or better yet, your garden and gather fresh flowers? Go ahead, find those flowers that capture your attention.  Hint: Hard stemmed flowers will probably work best.

Then follow these easy directions…

  • Wrap each stem in a water soaked paper towel. Then wrap with some tin foil and ribbon. We want to show love.

  • The best part… using your neatest printing, write a note of appreciation to your mom and possibly other moms too. A mother’s job is never done. There can never be too many “thank yous.”

  • Some ideas for that important note..

Where would we be without a mother?  You are appreciated.


You always think of others.


When you make breakfast, you show love. When you make me do my homework, you show love.  When you wipe away tears, you show love.

  • Then, with an adult, go to the nearest park and pass out your little treasure to other moms. They will not forget your small gesture that is BIG.

Books to Share

I’ve Loved You Since Forever by Hoda Kotb

This is such a sweet and beautiful picture book all about the tireless love between parent and child. The author, Hoda Kotb, the best-selling New York Times author and Today Show co-host, has written this elegantly written story to honor the adoption of her baby girl.  She poetically describes how she has loved her “before birds flew over rainbows and monkeys swung on trees.” She delves into the shared, very deep connection that mother and baby share even before birth. While the story honors adoption, it is universal in its appeal. 


That’s Me Loving You by Amy Rosenthal

This is a beautifully simple story about the comforting idea of love being constant. It seems another perfect book to read at bedtime. The author uses  nature to create clever metaphors illustrating  that wherever we go, there are signs of love. .. from a soft breeze to a shimmering star.  This story seems a most appropriate Mother’s Day book… A mother’s love never stops. It is with you always and always. 

The Best Mother by C. M. Surrisi, illustrated by Diane Goode

Endearing little Maxine awakens one morning wondering if she might find a new mother, one who doesn't make her brush her teeth and her hair, but one who will let her bang drums and wear her slippers in the snow. Diane Goode's illustrations bring the whole funny adventure to life... a super read aloud!

My Mom is an Octopus by Nellie Emrani and Melody Emrani, illustrated by Pia Reyes


Take one mom, add her two hands, mix in three young children, and you have the perfect recipe for fun! Like all moms, she needs to help her children with washing hair, brushing teeth, playing video games, stirring a pot of spaghetti, reading a child’s favorite book—sometimes all at the same time! My Mom is an Octopus is a delightfully illustrated story for pre-readers and early readers that will keep you smiling and laughing from start to finish. This is one book you’ll want to share over and over again!

A Gift for Mama by Linda Revin Ledding, illustrated by Alison Jay

Osker has a single coin and sets out to find the perfect gift. He spots a brilliant yellow rose, but when he sees an artist he swaps the rose for a paint brush and so it goes. At the end of the day he discovers that which is most precious.

This beautifully illustrated book is about simple, unforgettable kindness.

A Ride on Mother's Back-A Day of Carrying Around the World

by Emery Bernhard and Durga Bernhard

From Guatemala to Bali to the Andes, this is a cross cultural book that so artfully celebrates family life around the world. We see how babies are carried and what life looks like from their unique perspective. Kirkus Reviews calls it "exquisite in overall design and appreciates the wealth of information it includes."

My Mom

by Anthony Browne

Anthony Brown uses the voice of an unseen child to praise one mother and by extension, all moms. This child reveals her mother’s wondrous abilities… cooking, great painter, beautiful as a butterfly… She could be a film star, but she’s MY mom! In the end, the child declares, I love my mom. AND YOU KNOW WHAT? She loves me (and always will)

"The sentiment is so pure that this tale will be a beloved addition to a family's repertoire of stories to treasure." – Kirkus Reviews

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