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A Tiger Called Thomas

Dear Elena,

Today’s story is A Tiger Called Thomas by Charlotte Zolotow. It’s about a lesson a little boy named Thomas learns when he celebrates Halloween. Halloween is a special day of the year that always falls on October 31st.

In this story, Thomas has moved to a different house in a new neighborhood. His mother says, “Thomas, why don’t you go visit the old lady with the black cat, or the tall boy, Gerald, who lives a few doors away?” Thomas doesn’t want to do this. He doesn’t think they will like him. On Halloween, his Mom buys him a tiger costume. Thomas really likes the long whiskers on the mask and the long quilted tail. He likes being a tiger.

Mom explains about going around the neighborhood, knocking on doors, saying,“Trick or Treat!” and receiving candy. So, Thomas the Tiger goes out. He sees a tall ghost who looks very familiar. The ghost says, “Hi Thomas, want to play horseshoes tomorrow, I got a new set?” Thomas knows it is Gerald.

Then he goes to the next house and the lady with the black cat gives him some pumpkin cookies. Thomas pets the cat’s tail. The lady says, “Thomas, you should come over some time and keep him company.” Thomas thinks, Wow, she knew it was me.

Thomas goes home and his mother asks, “Did you have nice time and get a lot of candy” He tells his mom that everyone is so friendly and has asked him to come back. “You see,” says mom, “everyone likes you.”

My dear Elena, you should never assume no one will like you or be afraid of making new friends and meeting new people. You will find that people like you just for being you. It’s important to have confidence, be comfortable in your own skin and open to making friends with someone new. Others want to be liked just as much as you.

Your Mommy has found that friends are one of the most valuable things a person can have. They are with you throughout your life. They are there to laugh and cry with you, and give you hugs and kisses just when you need them. There are few things your Mommy values more than the amazing friends she has. Always know there are people you will meet who will love you because of who you are. You are beautiful and wondrous, my baby Elena. Happy Halloween!

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