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Gotta Have Heart

Dear Readers,

May I introduce to you the unbelievable new book by Patti and Carol, GOTTA HAVE HEART! It follows in the heartwarming tradition of the Big Shaggy Max series, Little Kids Do Big Things. GOTTA HAVE HEART has a poignant message with lessons about physical health, goodness, kindness and compassion. You will pull for young Ella, aka Slo Mo Ella, as she struggles to get in shape for her class's Relays for Rio. Rio is Ella's little brother who needs a small heart repair. Mrs. Rose's class is all in to help and get in shape too!

It is with heavy heart that I report this will be the last of Patti and Carol's book collaboration. So sadly, Carol passed away during the publication of GOTTA HAVE HEART and from all things, a heart complication. Ironically, this book is about Ella's little brother who needs a little heart repair. Patti and Carol were long writing partners and closest of friends. They actually were in the same neo natal unit together. Both were preemies. Their books exuded the love and creative brilliance of two friends born under the same star. They felt their Friendship was Kissed by an Angel (see their unique story -

I hope you will totally enjoy and purchase their latest, and so sadly, last, collaboration. Proceeds from sales will benefit The Carol Zaslow Memorial Fund (Cedars-Sinai Hospital) supporting underfunded pediatric research (

Thank you, Carol, for infusing your love, sweetness and goodness in all your writing. You will be missed more than anyone can ever know for a star, your light, has surely gone out in the sky. Thank you and God Bless you.

Love always,

A most grateful Pazazz contributor and most voracious Reader of your literary legacy,


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