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The Saving Grace of

Transcendental Meditation for Moms

Janet Hoffman

Transcendental Meditation for Women

Meditation Class

A Powerful Stress-buster for Moms

Moms need to take care of themselves, probably more than anyone else does. The stakes of our performance are higher than anyone else's. We may try to forego our own needs in order to focus fully on taking care of children, work and home. But children are sensitive to a mother’s stress and reportedly have higher stress themselves when the mother is overworked, exhausted, anxious or depressed. With so little time to spare for self-help, moms need something that is quick, simple and effective.

The Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique is easy to learn and effortless to do. It requires about 20 minutes twice daily (while the little ones are napping). The TM technique is not a philosophy or religious practice and it doesn’t require clearing our mind of thoughts or having to concentrate or focus.

The Transcendental Meditation technique is a scientifically validated, effective stress buster. More than 400 peer-reviewed studies have been published in scientific journals on the benefits of TM. Research has found that TM practice produces a state of profound relaxation, much deeper than ordinary rest and accompanied by increased alertness and orderly brain function. Regular practice results in decreased fatigue, anxiety, depression, insomnia and hypertension.  The deep relaxation gained during just a few minutes of TM practice releases accumulated stress and fatigue, allowing a mother to be more tolerant, patient, and flexible.

Meditate, and Nourish Yourself

Nurturing qualities like intuition, patience, wisdom, and love that are associated with motherhood often depend on how rested we are, how aligned we are with our own inner voice, and how calm and collected we can be amid the chaos of family life. By diving deep within during the TM practice the mind effortlessly settles to quieter levels of thinking, transcending the pressures, worries and agitation of the active mind. Twice-daily experience of this true state of inner silence and energy not only replenishes our depleted reserves but creates vibrant consciousness and a naturally relaxed, stress-resilient physiology.

Fitting Meditation Into Your Busy Life

Most mothers find that fitting Transcendental Meditation into their day more than makes up for the time it takes. Whether it’s during your baby’s nap, while your children are at pre-school or school, during a break at work or while you're commuting, taking time to nourish yourself prepares you to be ‘on’ for others. As a mom, consider bringing meditation to your family. The TM technique can be learned by children as early as age ten, and there is also a technique suitable to children under ten.

When a mother is more stable emotionally and has less stress and tiredness, joy is more spontaneously lived and shared. Then the home becomes the sanctuary it is meant to be.

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