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Meet Riley... a little person with a BIG idea

My name is Riley. My family and I organized a Christmas Pajama Drive because we think more children should get a new pair of pjs for Christmas. We chose 5 different charities to help get them out there. It was so-o-o fun! Our living room was wall to wall pajamas. There was hardly any room for our Christmas tree!

With Mom's help, we made a video telling all about what we were doing. Then she sent it around to all her Facebook friends. We made cards for the kids and made sure to take lots of pictures. Mom says the pictures really help sell our idea.

Can you believe it? In the end we delivered 817 brand new pajamas to 5 organizations in Ventura County, CA.

Just in case Riley has piqued YOUR interest. Here are the organizations they researched to be their recipients.

Rain Project     Camarillo, CA     


The Kingdom Center - Gabriel's House     Oxnard, CA

Coalition for Family Harmony     Oxnard, CA

The City Center     Ventura, CA

Samaritan Center     Simi Valley, CA

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