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Women's History Month 2021

Dearest Elena,

The entire month of March is our holiday because this is officially Women’s History Month and we honor what makes women so special. We will discuss two books, one that showcases the beauty of all women in the world, and the second that highlights a woman who’s very special to your Mommy. Finally, we’ll discuss a lady named Ruth who is honored in the Bible. Your Hebrew name was inspired by her.

Our first book is Little Dreamers Visionary Women Around the World by Vashti Harrison. It showcases how different women from all walks of life had the courage to follow their dreams and achieve their heartfelt vision in the field of arts and sciences. Each woman is worthy of deepest admiration and respect. Your Mommy is inspired by their courage, and hopes to carry their legacy to you, dearest Elena, so one day you may also blaze a trail that’s uniquely yours.

Vashti Harrison explains that these brave women were curious and creative and through hard work and persistence accomplished great things. They weren’t afraid to take a stand and prove that women can do and be anything. Here are some your Mommy especially admires : Wang Zhenl - explains the miracle of eclipses which is when one objects gets between you and another object and so blocks your view. On Earth we experience an Eclipse of the Moon and one of the Sun. She also writes about the inequality between men and women; Ada Lovelace – the first computer programmer; Marie Curie - innovations with atoms and being the first person to win Noble Prizes in two different fields; Frida Kahlo - through painting expresses both tragedy and beauty; Hedy Lamarr – a trailblazer whose findings led to the invention of GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi; and Wangari Maathai – believed in a positive attitude and people’s inherent goodness. As the author mentions, each woman had something to do with changing the world and changing how women are viewed.

And now for your Mommy’s Most Favorite Woman Leader – Golda Meir! And that is the reason for book #2 - Golda Meir” A Strong Determined Leader, by David A. Adler. She is an inspiration, not only to me, but woman the world over because she was the first woman Prime Minister of Israel. She worked tirelessly to raise enough money to buy the land of Israel from the Arabs so after centuries of wandering and persecution, the Jewish people could finally have their own state, founded in 1948. But even more than that, it is the way she lead her entire life, with courage and treated all people with kindness and dignity that most impresses me.

Now, Elena, please know that you also come from a line of brave, strong women. Your Hebrew name is Ruth after your great grandmother, Ruth Singer. It is she who set the example to always stand up for what is right, give back to society and not be afraid to be the first woman or person to do something. Your great grandmother was named after Ruth from the Old Testament. She was the first person to convert to Judaism and is the great grandmother of King David.

Elena, we have celebrated women whose achievements have uplifted mankind, but I would be remiss if I didn’t also mention MOTHERS as we celebrate this special month. Mothers throughout the centuries are deserving of utmost respect for taking on the so very critical responsibility of raising a child. It takes courage and strength and dedication and so much more to be a mommy.

My love for you and the love of mothers through the ages, goes on forever and ever. My sweet girl, you will inherit from me my endless love and from all the women in the great family of humankind, the strength and power to see all of your dreams come true.

Happy Women’s History Month!

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