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Father's Day 2021

Dear Elena,

This month’s holiday is Father’s Day honoring the unique and very beautiful relationship between daddies and their children. Our book is Made for Me by Zach Bush which begins so appropriately with this dedication to his three children …They are my everything and the driving, everlasting force of love behind Made for Me. Much like my family, this book is my ‘dream come true.’ Many men and women dream of the day they will become parents, and when their child is born, It seems out of this world.

On the first page, he says, upon gazing on his newborn, “his eyes filled with tears and from the moment I saw you and called out your name, the world as I knew it was never the same.” Dearest Elena, that is just how it is! A daddy suddenly feels an overwhelming amount of responsibility for taking care of his child, guiding and protecting that baby until it’s ready to care for itself. That’s how your daddy feels. He will be there for you always, so special are you.

I am so grateful to my father for loving me as much as he does and being so wonderful even now when I’m a mother, and I am so unbelievably impressed by how your Daddy has taken on his role. From the very beginning, he put you in your pajamas every night. Then soon, he helped to bathe you on the weekends. Now he has completely taken over. He loves it so much.

The father in the book says, “From his son’s hands to his feet he loves every part.” That’s how it is for daddies, they love every inch of their child. The father then says, “Of all the children that ever could be, you are the one made just for me.” I believe he is talking about the specific way that God created his child, crafted and formed precisely in a way that’s unique to him as a father. Only this child and this father could have that kind of relationship. It’s a very spiritual statement to say “made” because it implies that God had a hand in it, at least that’s the way that I see it.

I think my favorite part is when the author says, “I melted when you first kissed ME goodnight.” That was exactly the way Daddy and I both felt when we asked you for a kiss and you kissed us. That kiss was like no other.

The author has tapped into some of the deep thoughts and emotions that all fathers feel. Many fathers will see themselves in the same way as the father in this sweet little book.

So, my dear Elena, Father’s Day is that very special day for you and all other little ones to honor the big and awesomely responsible job that is that of a father. Give him a kiss, a little gift, a card. It doesn’t take much to make a dad’s heart swell. Together let’s say, “Thank you, Daddy! To all the fathers out there, have a Happy Father’s Day!

Love Always,


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