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I Can Do Hard Things

Dearest Elena,

This month we are celebrating a very unique holiday, Labor Day. It is unique because it celebrates all Americans who have to work and labor to make a living. Our book is called I CAN DO HARD THINGS - MINDFUL AFFIRMATIONS FOR KIDS by Gabi Garcia; however, the truths in this book speak to all human beings, young and old.

It begins by saying we don’t always feel brave, confident and strong because life sends us so many messages telling us how we should be, what we should do, and this pulls us in different directions. The author reminds us that when this happens we should listen for that quiet voice inside that guides us. For me, I try to always find that voice that believes in me, that brings me love and strength so I can better remember that I can do hard things.

You see, Elena, working is hard. It’s called work because it is the opposite of play. What I like about this book is that it illustrates what goes on inside of us as we are labor to support our loved ones. For example, you are two and half years old and are forming your first words and sentences. That is your work. Mommies and Daddies also have work to do, both at home and in the outside world. In the past we’ve talked about the different careers people have, and the types of work you might do one day when you grow up. You could be an astronaut, a dancer, a lawyer, a plumber, an apple picker, anything. But no matter our choice, our minds are ticking away, constantly sending us messages.

In I CAN DO HARD THINGS it says, “I can feel all my feelings. I can ask for help, and I can believe in myself.” These are important thoughts because they play a role in our everyday work life. I hope when you find it hard to believe in yourself you will express your feelings and ask Mommy or Daddy because belief in yourself is crucial. We believe in you, and want you to know that you are worthy and deserving of every good thing that comes your way.

The book goes on to talk about values. It says, “I can try again, rather than give up. I can apologize. I can forgive. I can choose kindness. I can be myself.” All of these things are so meaningful to your Mommy. I hope throughout your life you will learn skills and find meaning in a career in ways that make your days beautiful and inspiring. Lead with your heart and listen to that quiet voice inside. When things get tough and should you fail, rather than give up, I hope you will try, try again. I hope that if you wrong someone, you will be brave enough to apologize, and should someone wrong you, that you will forgive them. Choosing to be kind at every turn is the work Mommy wants you to do most in your life.

Finally the book says, “The tough stuff I face is all my own, but I can also remember I’m not alone.” That is true Elena. Remember, you are never alone because you can always come to Mommy or Daddy for help when things are tough. So you see Elena, Labor Day honors the things that make life hard.

The quiet voice inside Mommy says that she loves you with every breath she takes. The work of being a mother will always be fulfilling because it is filled with infinite joy. Why? It is an absolute pleasure to be the Mommy of a little girl who is as special and wondrous as you. . I love you no matter what you grow up to be because you really are a perfect angel and that is a blessing. Every day I am grateful and feel lucky to wake up to you and fill my day caring for you. I love you always. Happy Labor Day, everyone!

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