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Hop on Pop

Dearest Elena,

This month we are celebrating one of the most important holidays of the year for our family, Father’s Day! So we have chosen a classic, HOP ON POP by Dr.Seuss. This is very fun to read aloud, but there is one part we’ll focus on. It says, “Sad Dad Bad Had. Dad is sad, very, very sad. He had a bad day. What a day Dad had. And this is true because, like everyone, sometimes Daddy has a bad day, but do you know what always brings a smile to his face? When he comes home and sees you! His whole face lights up.

Your Daddy loves you so much. We’re so happy that there’s a holiday that celebrates the special relationship that Dads have with their children. In fact, your grandfather said you are already a Daddy’s girl. Mommy believes that’s true and it couldn’t make her happier. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for you. Mommy remembers in the beginning of the summer she was taking you swimming and hoped Dad would go too. He said, “No, he was too tired.” When Mommy got into the pool it was way too cold. Mommy knew she couldn’t be in the water. So what did Daddy do? He said, “Well, there is no way we can disappoint Elena that much.” So he took off his shirt and in his shorts he jumped in the water. He swam with you while Mommy watched. Daddy came to the rescue and always will because that’s the kind of amazing father he is.

When Mommy needs to do things and can’t be with you, Daddy is always there to take over and Mommy so appreciates all the hard work he puts in. In fact, Mommy is astounded. She always knew Daddy would be a great father, but he is way beyond great. She is so grateful for his endless support. Every day when Daddy gets home he takes over and lets Mommy relax a little and every night before you go to bed Daddy changes you into your pajamas. Daddy says taking care of you, Elena, is not hard work because every moment he’s with you is sheer pleasure.

In our book the children hop on pop. The Pop tells them to stop, but your Daddy doesn’t mind, he says you can hop all over him. He feels you are the best thing that ever happened to him, and there is nothing he loves more than being a father. The bond you share is irreplaceable. Did you know that Daddy has a special name for you? It is Pookie because you are his pookie bear. He loves you with everything inside of him and wants you to know how much you mean to him. For me, it’s such a pleasure to see how much happiness you bring Daddy.

We both love you with all that we are. Everything that is beautiful and is a product of the good things in Mommy and Daddy together is all that is uniquely you. .. Happy Father’s Day to all of the great fathers! Thank you, Daddy, for being so wonderful.

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