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God Gave Us Easter

Dearest Elena,

This month we have another holiday that is very important to Christians. It is called Easter. Our book is God Gave Us Easter by Lisa Tawn Bergren. Papa Bear begins this beautiful book by telling Little Cub that Easter is even better then Christmas. Little Cub wonders how that could be? Papa Bear explains that Christmas is Jesus’s birthday, but Easter is when Jesus came back to life and lived on forever.

Papa Bear explains that life is a little like that of a tree. When it dies, pinecones fall on the ground and these seeds eventually become new trees. Life comes out of death.

Still, God is sad and angry because his children are bad and disobedient. So he declares that a flood should destroy the entire world except for Noah and his family. Noah builds an Ark for his family and for every animal on earth. According to the New Testament, Jesus is reborn and comes back from the dead on Easter Sunday. He promises never to destroy the world again. Rainbows are the symbol of his promise. Papa Bear explains that when people die they see Jesus face to face.

Little Cub goes to sleep one night and thinks of how he feels as his Mommy and Daddy are tucking him in. It feels so good that he thinks he hears Jesus saying, “I love you.” Papa Bear says to Little Cub, "Those are the perfect words to hear on Easter. Jesus’ truth lives on forever and ever."

So what is the moral of the story? It is to approach the world with love in your heart because love is the way of God. What can that mean for you, Elena? The message is that even when we die, our love for our loved ones, lives on. It lives in our heart. So listening to the language your heart speaks is the most important lesson you can learn. Always lead with your heart because it feels love for others.

Every day I am reminded of how much I love you, Elena. When I watch you sleep, when I see you run, and when I see you smile. Every little thing you do makes my heart swell. My love for you, like Jesus’ will live on forever and ever. During Easter we paint eggs and then we go on an Easter egg hunt. This is because eggs are a symbol of life. Animals come from eggs. That is how they are born.

Life is precious, Elena, because we feel love for one another and each life is completely unique unto itself. That is why when someone dies it causes others to suffer. It is as if a star has fallen and taken a light out of the sky. Mommy loves you, Daddy, my parents, sister and friends. I love all of these people, and each of them is precious to me. I would not be who I am today without the influence of these people. And you, Elena, have a remarkable spirit that is uniquely you, that brings such joy and beauty to my life. Every day I look at you and am mystified at how magical you are… your disposition, how you barely cry and your beautiful, loving nature.

These feelings come from the power of love. Love is the meaning of Easter. Christians will be able to love Jesus forever and ever. And I love you, my angel, Elena. I can’t begin to tell you how dear you are to me.

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