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Berenstain Bears: We Love our Dad!

Dearest Elena,

Today we are going to talk about another holiday that celebrates the special relationship between child and parent, Father’s Day! Our book is Berenstain Bears: We Love our Dad! by Stan & Jan Berenstain with Mike Berenstain.

Brother, Sister and Honey are excited to give their Dad a gift for Father’s Day. Honey says, “Daddy always has a lot of work around the house, what if we do his work for him and let him relax instead?” Brother and Sister love the idea and make certificates of all the different things he does. On Father’s Day, when he’s about to do something, they give him the job certificate and do it for him so he can have the day off to do whatever he wants.

Dad sits in front of the TV and watches baseball. The kids set to work. They clean the car, but they can’t seem to get it totally clean. “Daddy can you help us?” the cubs ask. “Of course!” he says, and it is clean.

And so it goes with cleaning the shed and seeding the ground. Father eagerly helps his little cubs. They want him to rest, but Father has much more fun joining them than resting. They spend the day together. As he is kissing them goodnight he says, “I had the best Father’s Day, thanks to you. Good night, Brother, Honey and Sister, I love you.”

So what is the moral of this story, dearest Elena? Father Bear shows that Daddies are always there to help their little ones learn how to do things when they can’t figure them out themselves. It was his pleasure to help his little cubs with the chores, even though he was supposed to only rest.

It also shows just how dependable fathers are. They are there when you need them, just like Father Bear. Fathers love everything that involves their kids because they are filled with love, and would rather do something with them than anything else. That’s how YOUR Daddy feels, Elena.

Now your Daddy carries you on his shoulders, but when you grow up he’ll carry you in other ways. He will carry your burdens. That means if you have a problem you can always come to him for help. He will provide a shoulder to cry on and be a best friend to lean upon. One day you and Daddy will walk arm and arm down the aisle as he gives you away to be married.

It’s true, your Daddy works to make sure he provides you with all the things you need, but he knows his most important role is being your Dad and being there for you. The bond you both share is very special. You’ll always be Daddy’s little girl. You know, every night after you fall asleep in Mommy’s lap, it is Daddy who picks you up in his strong arms and puts you in bed. You hold a place in your Daddy’s heart that is made especially for you and only you.

Hooray for Father’s Day and honoring how special fathers are.

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