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The Wonderful Things You Will Be!

Dearest Elena,

Today’s book is The Wonderful Things You Will Be, a special gift to you from your cousins Johnny, Adrianne and Auden. It is very special because this book talks directly about what makes you wonderful. Now, there are several ways to interpret the things you will be, but there are two that are most important. Firstly, it talks about who you will be as a person - your nature and character. Secondly, it’s about what you will be, the career you will pursue in your life.

Your career is an important part of who you are. It’s how you make your contribution to the world and how you earn a living to support yourself and your family; however, Mommy and Daddy agree that most importantly, what makes you so wonderful is the kind of person you are, the qualities you have.

The book asks, will you be someone who nurtures things to grow, who is strong and stands up for good by saving the day? Those are wonderful qualities that have to do with your character, and your nature. Then the book asks, will you play music that only you know how to play? Playing music could be your career. You could be a musician in a band or a solo artist and play an amazing instrument. The incredible thing about living in America is that you can pursue any career you want and get an education as the building blocks for that occupation.

The moral of the story, dearest Elena, is that no matter what you do, or who you develop into, it will be wonderful because you are inherently wonderful inside and out. That is you! Always know, there is only one person like you in this whole world. Who you will be is an amazing adventure for Mommy and Daddy who will witness everything you become.

We thank you for taking us along on this thrilling journey which will be determined by the choices you make and the qualities you develop. This is how you build your nature and your character. All of this is a rather magical process because the forces of the universe are also at work. In other words, it happens naturally. I promise I’ll always be there to help you. I can’t wait to find out who you will be. Now I can only guess, but I do know that every day you get more and more wonderfully beautiful.

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