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A Week At Grandma's?!

Week at Grandma's

Okay Elena, Guess what?! September 9th is Grandparents’ Day! So today’s book is THE BERENSTAIN BEARS AND THE WEEK AT GRANDMA’S.

I love this story because it is about the very special relationship between grandparents and grandchildren. In this story Brother and Sister have their first vacation away from their parents to stay at their grandparents’ home for an entire week. Mama and Papa are going on their second honeymoon. The cubs are scared to be away from them for so long. What will they do for all that time? Grandma and Grandpa are old and won’t be much fun.

What they learn is that because Grandma and Grandpa are older they have all sorts of things they know and can teach Brother and Sister. In fact, when it’s time to go, they don’t want to leave! They have gotten so close to their grandparents and they have learned a wealth of cool things to do.

Dearest Elena, every person has two sets of grandparents because they are the mother and father of both your parents. No one cares about or loves you in quite the same way. It is a relationship that only grows richer and stronger with time.

Something very special about you is that you are named after one of your mommy’s grandparents. Your Hebrew name is Ruth. We chose this because your mommy had such a special relationship with her grandmother, Ruth. The amazing thing is that now you have the opportunity to have a special relationship with all four of your grandparents, who love you with all their heart and soul because that’s what grandparents do.

I love you, Baby Elena, always and forever.

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