Nana's Nuggets of Wisdom

A little more about Marjorie...


Not surprisingly, one of her heroes is a First Lady of the United States, Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt who served for four terms. She explains, “Eleanor Roosevelt was a doer, a remarkable lady who wasn’t afraid to express her opinion whether she was performing her role as a diplomat or an activist. In the mid 1900’s, such a fiercely independent and courageous woman was certainly extraordinary.” 


Towards the end of our interview, she proclaimed very proudly, “You know what MOST defines me? I am a Professional Cheerleader!” Despite many successful careers, meaningful awards and accomplishments, she really feels her life boils down to that! You see, Marjorie is all about Giving and Lifting- Up Others. 


Can you imagine?! Every week, besides calling each family member, she makes sure to express gratitude to those who help make her life a little easier; for example, she greets the gentleman who tends her pool with green apples, and there are similar such gifts for her post man and gardener.


And THAT is exactly what Nana’s Nuggets of Wisdom will be about! She will be OUR Cheerleader, a lady with an insatiable appetite for life, quick wit, brilliance and a lifetime of experience. Secure your “seatbelts.” Away we go!

Above, is Marjorie's framed family collaboration recited at the funeral of her Mother, age 94, Frances Kipperman Brown. Like Eleanor Roosevelt, her mother possessed an indomitable spirit and a fierce belief that one should never lose one’s identity, no matter what comes along because that is our touchstone. She adds that her mother had a will of steel and continually impressed upon her children that “the most important thing you have is your name, your reputation. It follows you always. Be sure to keep it golden.” Marjorie continues, “It is these qualities that contributed so largely to my mother’s success as a business woman. She and my father owned four drugstores and a women’s clothing store that still exists today after more than 65 years!”

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