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Veterans Day

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With Respect, Honor and Gratitude

Service Activity for Little Ones

To our Little Ones…

November 11th is the ONE day we annually set aside to HONOR those who have served us and continue to serve our nation. Many of us have shared loved ones to serve our country. This is a great sacrifice. Our loved ones are away on birthdays and holidays and miss the endless day to day “little things”… reading books with you, kicking around a ball outside, walking you to school , sharing movies together.   Surely you can think of many, many more ideas.

So, what can WE do?

Writing a letter is always a strong idea and how about decorating it with a Red Poppy? Did you know these flowers show your support? Some veterans’ groups make and sell them to raise always needed money.

Things you might include… a little about you, where you live, things you like to do.  Serving in the military helps make it possible for you to live in peace and to keeps problems away from your neighborhood so you feel safe.  Also, they are helping others to have a better life, often far away.

Maybe Mom or Dad will help you look up a group that will welcome your letter.  It’s even possible you and the recipient could become Pen Pals.

To get started here are two organizations:

  • Keystone Military Families ( located in Pennsylvania. It was established in 2002 and sends an average of 5000 letters a year.


  • Soldiers’ Angels (  – founded in 2003. Volunteers help veterans, wounded and deployed and their families in a variety of unique and effective ways.


Please remember, your letter may seem like a small thing to you, but the idea that you sat down to remember and honor a veteran will be BIG for them.

Good Reads for Little Ones

veterans day visitor book.jpg

The Veteran's Day Visitor (grades 2 - 3)

by Peter Catalanotto and Pamela Schembri

Emily's grandfather, Pop-pop, is surprised to find out that his granddaughter Emily and her friend do not know what a veteran is. So he volunteers to come to their class and talk to the kids about Veteran's Day and the people it honors. Emily is worried that Pop-pop will be made fun of. He falls asleep at the strangest times! So Emily and her friend come up with a plan to make sure that no one sleeps this Veteran's Day!

Veteran's Day for Grandpa.jpg

Veteran's Day for Grandpa (grades Pre-K - 2)

by Dee Smith

This book is about a Veteran that is also a Grandpa. Veteran's Day for Grandpa celebrates Veteran's Day in an appropriate and engaging format for kids. It also encourages kids to celebrate the veterans that may be present in their own lives. Featuring a mix of graphic design and photography taken in upstate New York, it creates a unique and interesting visual effect for readers. It's a great holiday read aloud written in a non-wordy format.

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