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One Voice

One Voice, helps families and students struggling against poverty with family, hope and love. It is headquartered in Santa Monica, California.

From Our programs change lives and give people hope. By inspiring action and compassion, we have a lasting positive impact on our community.

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Rachael T. & Kathy J.

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Patti and her family will forever treasure Christmas caring and sharing with the many, many families they and their friends have adopted over 20 plus years. Kathy J., a lifelong social worker, working directly with Head Start families in South Los Angeles, introduces them to an especially deserving family and a list of the family’s needs. Then they shop! Wrap! And hand- deliver their gifts just before Christmas. They play with the kids, always take pictures, and leave with the fullest of hearts. It is this “hands on” experience that provides enormous joy.

Demo & Luis

A Message from Patti

Thank you to the most loving and dedicated social worker, Kathy Jackson, working with One Voice in Santa Monica for years and years of Christmas cheer!


The Tanenbaum Family and Friends have most recently adopted the Saucedo Family - Mom, Dad and 7 girls! Since we have connected, the oldest girls are in college and pursuing professional careers. 


What brings such great joy is seeing how the Saucedos work together as a family in their determination to attain an even better life. 


They could not be more appreciative of our yearly visit!!! Thank you to so many of our friends who have joined in the effort to support this most deserving and promising family. 


We so encourage YOU to consider giving to One Voice and/or adopting your own family. Kathy Jackson ( makes it all sooo easy!


Please do consider..


Happy New Year!

Patti T

How did One Voice begin?

One Voice began in 1982 as an outgrowth of a sociology class taught by the founder, Dr. Susan Silbert, at California State University, Northridge. After the class (five of whom are current board members) turned their final projects into a holiday food drive for 70 needy families. (Today their Holiday Food Program serves 2500 families, 12,500 people.)

Their desire to keep helping others was ignited, and thirty years later One Voice offers an array of programs designed to ease the suffering of low-income families in Los Angeles.

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Jaylen & Darlett

Items to Donate

One Voice will joyously come to your home and pick up any and all gently used items, big and small, and then carefully portion them out to eagerly awaiting and enormously appreciative families. They also provide a receipt of goods for tax purposes. As Kathy Jackson says, “Even paper plates will find a home.”

Do check out One Voice. Their programs are many, varied and effective!

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Jaylen, Darlett and Luis

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