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At the outset, thank you to Visionary Women and Moderator Piera Klein for this interview. By the way, just added to Lili’s already so impressive resume, is her recent appointment to be one of only two representatives from the United States, to join three dozen other women leaders from around the world in this year’s Vital Women’s Conference. And...who knew?! Lili has 10,000 plus Facebook followers! Go, Lili! 

With characteristic candor, Lili Bosse generously answers such questions as: "What motivates your ambition? What is the leadership style that enables you to accomplish so much and be elected to BH Council 3 times, each time garnering the most votes? How do you gird against burn out, given your intense work ethic? 


Coloring all she does, is her love for her work/service. She thrives off the energy of others, and explains that community is like an extended family, being an only child, of Holocaust survivors. Gratefulness could be her middle name! 


Piera asked her to what do you attribute your sense of empowerment and confidence? 


Lili, “This was the last thing I felt over the past year of Covid. It was beyond hard.” Everything went against all that is Lili - closing down the city that she has worked vigorously to uplift and secluding at home; Complex issues seemed to endlessly barrage the City Council. She was grateful the Council really came together, like never before, in response to the many unprecedented challenges.


Piera then asked about her leadership style.


Lili, “I start with ‘yes’ and from this place of positivity, I buckle down to find the way.” She hears her mom's voice, "Never give up!" She adds, "Things probably will not come right away, but the key... stay the course and earnestly make best efforts to be flexible, and she adds, “Surround yourself with open hearted, open minded, hardworking team players." I noted that Lili often talks about hard work. She says, “Hard work is enriching. Do not be afraid of it; in fact, embrace it.” It enables growth which, crucially, better prepares for tomorrow. 


Next, "You often talk about daring to be brave. Please explain." 


Lili thrives on diversity of ideas, and so she seeks out advice from those with differing opinions and earnestly tries to hear and understand them. . From here, she seeks a "common thread and lives there.” I particularly love this about Lili. She understands well that with mutual respect and trust, there can be growth, a pathway to learning. . It is not about sameness, but respect and sincere willingness to understand. How important is this?!! 


She adds, “We need not fear failure. When things don’t seem to work out the way we envisioned, use this as an opportunity to learn and do things differently. There can only be failure when we don’t learn from our mistakes.”


In closing, she speaks about the pride she feels for Visionary Women, a non- profit she co-founded with dear friend, Angela Nazarian, a short 5 years ago to empower and benefit girls and women here and around the world. She wants women to better trust themselves and have courage to ask for what they want. Women are unique, different from men, and this perspective is absolutely critical in today’s incredibly challenging world. Giant kudos to Visionary Women! They have already raised $2.5 million dollars benefitting a wide swath of diverse organizations. Do check it out!


It was important for me to share Lili’s uniquely wonderful take on life especially in light of today's intense challenges. Lili provides a powerful example for us. We may not be city leaders, but leaders, most assuredly, in our personal worlds. 


I leave you with a beautiful thought that one of my longest friends said recently, after we had enjoyed an uplifting dialogue about varying topics. We didn’t always agree. My dear friend said, “I firmly believe we have to learn to understand, although we need nothing to love! That is what I reserve for you and our old friendship.’ Certainly Lili Bosse, with her loving heart, strives to do just that, and works tirelessly to be a force for good and move us all forward. We thank her! 

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