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'I Wish You Bad Luck,' He Said With Good Intentions

Bob Greene, NY Times

Graduation Caps

“I wish you bad luck," said the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice John Roberts. Wow! One might say to this statement which headed up Chief Justice Roberts commencement speech to his son’s 9th grade graduating class at the end of 2017.  

By this, he didn’t mean any negativity, rather to express encouragement and optimism. He was saying, only by experiencing some adversity may we really understand reward. To better understand loyalty, experiencing some level of betrayal can be a teaching moment.  And so it goes with friendship, luck, sportsmanship, compassion and so on.

This is a reminder to us parents, to use experiences of pain to better appreciate painlessness. To understand that it is our job to give guidance to our little ones, but not to overprotect. What seems like loving may be crippling.


To read more... Greene, Bob. "'I Wish You Bad Luck,' He Said With Good Intentions." The Wall Street Journal. New York. 21 December 2017.

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