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Good Reads for Little Ones

We love this sweet little book! Imaginative Grandma's Masked Hero, addresses our children's concerns about those pesky little masks we are wearing these days. 


Our hero, Jordy, needs to be masked when he visits his beloved Grandma Rosie and it makes him uneasy, but he devises a plan.  He will summon super heroes to protect Grandma from the virus. First time writers/illustrators Jennifer Farnam Lavian and Desiree Soleymani Saxe, both mothers of very young ones, have so captured a child's mindset. 


Your children will love the crisp and cheery drawings and perfectly relate to our hero. 


The book is available here on Amazon.


Nellie Emrani with Beverly Hills Mayor, Lili Bosse

Print editions available for purchase at:

Friesen Press, and Barnes & Noble

Digital editions available at:

      Friesen Press, Amazon Kindle and iBooks

Big shout out to...

Nellie Emrani - a good friend of Pazazz

 Congratulations on your 1st book!

You did it and so well!

What a beautiful celebration of your grandchildren!

You can find out more about her book at

Angelo – David Mac Cauley

Grades 2 and up

Angelo begins his work restoring the façade of a once beautiful church and and amongst the debris he discovers a wounded bird. He tends to the bird and as his work nears completion, he begins to worry about what will become of the bird. This is a beautifully illustrated story about endearing friendship and love.

The Mine-O-Saur – Sudipta Bardham Quallen

K – 2

A group of dinosaurs are playing happily until Mine-O-Saur arrives! He grabs toys, snacks and whatever else he can. Soon, of course, no one wants to play with him. How will he ever understand that what he really wants are friends? This timeless book reminds that what we give away truly comes back.

Did I Ever Tell You How Lucky You Are? – Dr. Seuss

all ages

Dr. Seuss’s inimitable rhymes and drawings is the perfect book for all ages! When we might be feeling a little down, this story will surely uplift. It prompts us to remember how truly lucky we are.

The Quiltmaker’s Gift – Jeff Brumbeau

Pre-school and K-2

This beautifully illustrated book for early readers sweetly shares a powerful secret to happiness. A quiltmaker helps a selfish king learn that giving is the true secret to happiness. Don’t miss this!

Thank you, Mr. Falker – by Patricia Polacco

K-Grade 4

A well - loved children’s book creator was a small girl named Trisha who suffered from dyslexia. Then a special teacher discovered her dyslexia and encouraged her to overcome her disability. What a beautiful gift for that special child who needs encouragement or that special teacher who makes a difference.

Stone Soup – Ann McGovern

Grade 2 and up

This is a clever story about a young man who is tired and hungry from walking all day. He manages to convince an old lady that soup can be made from a stone and to add more ingredients to it. As well as being a story about optimism, it illustrates how effective we can be when each of us pitches in just a little.

Picture of Freedom – The Diary of a A Slave Girl – Patricia McKissick

Grades 4-6

Taking place in 1859, this rich story gives readers a window into the old South through the eyes and mind of a 12 year old slave girl, Clotee. Her diary brings life to plantation living in pre- Civil War Virginia. She has been taught to read and write, but must keep this a secret. This story is not depressing, but inspiring as she searches for the meaning of life.

A Single Shard – Linda Sue Park

Grades 5-8 – Newberry Winner

A 12 year old boy is an orphan living under a bridge in a 12th Century Korean town with his protector, Crane Man. One day he observes Master Potter making beautiful pottery and his life is changed forever. It is an unforgettable story of hope and love.

Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun - Maria Dismondy

Grades K-5

Lucy is unique and that makes her a target for Ralph. That is until Ralph needs help. Confident Lucy has the courage to make the right decision. Reading this story will empower your child to make the right decision, even when facing someone as challenging as Ralph.

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive The Bus - Mo Willems

Grades Pre-School-1 – 2004 Caldecott Honor Book

A bus driver takes a break and an unlikely volunteer jumps up to take his place... a pigeon! In this hilarious picture book, he pleads and begs his way through. Children will enjoy answering him back and deciding his fate!

Desi's Quest - Cathy Rogers   "May every day be a gift."

Grades 2-4

Cathy is the loveliest lady who has written such a sweet book all about an abandoned dog, Desi.


After being tossed out of his home and into the street by his owner, sad Desi travels the country, from New York to California in search of home.  How does he manage to eat, avoid the dog catcher and others who could do him harm?  DESI’S QUEST is an endearing read for young readers hungering for a slightly longer book of over 100 pages.

All proceeds from sales will be donated to various animal shelters and rescue organizations.

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