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Eat Well.. Live Well.. Be Well 


the simple philosophy of Pamela Salzman, Nutritionist


Here's to HEALTH!... Below are highlights from a recent, healthily informative presentation.

Perhaps you’ve heard many of these points before, but if you’re anything like us,  review is always in order.

Ms. Salzman began by reminding us that Awareness is key and  not to become over-whelmed. Instead, think about incorporating one small change at a time and move at your pace. Indeed, over time, these small changes place us on a path of more health. Please enjoy...


•    Food is easiest way to health. To paraphrase Hypocrites... Think of food as a sort of medicine. Remembering that fresh, raw and organic, when possible,  invite efficient digestion, energy and vitality. 


•    The Mind/Body Connection - Let’s really do our best to tune inward and grow awareness of how we FEEL after eating. Packing up any unfinished food to be enjoyed later. Ideally we try to never get too hungry or too full, but to remain in the neutral zone. 


•    Metabolism and Cleansing - early morning- warm Lemon Water. This hydrates and flushes the body after the sleep digestive activity. Some Apple Cider Vinegar water with small amount honey revs up metabolism.


Strive for a 12-14 hour Fast each day for Efficient Digestion -critical to health and well- being; for example, dinner at 7:00 pm or as early as possible, then give our body a rest until 7-9 AM


•    Sugar!  Truly minimize those foods  that spike sugar levels... refined foods such as pasta; white bread; sweets; Let’s strive for whole/unrefined foods in a wide variety. This is sooo key. With unrefined,carbohydrates, we can eat the bulk we desire, feel satisfied and encourage maximum digestion. 


•    Inflammation...


Beware that oils and refined sugar contribute to inflammation. She suggests Unrefined Oils ( Avocado; Sesame; Grapeseed; Olive Oil) and baking with Ghee Butter.

Also, let’s really minimize, if not remove, Artificially Sweetened Beverages . These foods are truly inflammatory... almost like injecting sugar into our blood stream. Blood Sugar Stability has great effect on inflammation. 


•    Organic... If possible, consume organic foods and even be aware of how they are packaged. She suggests buying products in glass or cardboard cartons and trying to avoid plastic. Unfortunately, toxins add up over time. Think! Plant Based Foods as much as possible... green beans; cauliflower; dark greens; carrots; tomatoes, etc. and Cruciferous veggies –kale/broccoli/arugula/radish/cabbage. In addition, Grass fed meats/ Wild fish/ Organic butter


•    Healthy Bacteria (Probiotics) ... Fermented Foods is important ( Sauerkraut/Kimchee- easy natural probiotics. She recommends such products by Garden of Life.


•    Dairy ...Goat and Sheep Dairy over Cow products. Did you know that Goat chemistry is closest to that of Humans?


Meal Preparation...

•    Cooking from scratch as much as possible is truly the healthiest. This way, we are controlling what we eat which makes a HUGE difference over time.


•    All meals do best to have a protein/ fat and fiber for maximum energy and metabolism.


•    Seasonal Eating – warm foods in the winter then melons, tomatoes, radishes, strawberries, and asparagus in the summer. These foods tend to break up some of the mucus formed in the winter. 


•    Sea Salt – many more minerals and no refinement such as Pink Salt and Real Salt


•    Cookware - Glass or Pyrex Food Storage

•    Cooking – stainless/ enamel/cast iron/[parchment bags

•    Try to avoid non- stick pans and use the shiny black ones only occasionally. If scratched,  please toss. The “green

      pans," not yet enough data. She prefers carefully trimmed parchment as a liner to that of tin foil. 

•    Microwave – please try to remember that this method kills the healthy energy of food.

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