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Clean for Care

How about a Garage Sale?


This could be an exciting project for the 1st and 2nd grader who could practice basic arithmetic with "real life" application, but definitely appropriate for older kids too.

Cadet & Tux

The Problem – raise money and encourage our kids to share some of their belongings with those less fortunate. Then determine what to do with the money; for example, they might purchase new books for a local Head Start school. The recipient kids will be ecstatic!

The Action – plan the sale that could be during lunch, after school, or at home on the weekend. Gather the goods, create advertising posters, price and sell.

The Very Best – Hand -deliver the books and read with the little children. They might plan something special for you, to thank their gracious donors.

But, by all means, if time doesn’t allow, arrange to have your treasure trove of books delivered. It is all good.

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