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Change for Change...

Chip in your change and before you know it... Little piggy is full!

Then… comes the fun part! Dump the money and designate a recipient for your “treasure trove.” You as an individual or family decide where to donate. It’s a super way for families to discuss social issues in their neighborhood, city, state or even world-wide and empower our kids, and us, with an easy and practical way to help. To get started, you might do as we at PAZAZZ, go to Charity Navigator to learn about all manner of organizations seriously, professionally and objectively vetted.

Our hearts are incredibly heavy with the news media images of devastation from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, the Caribbean and the severe earthquakes in Mexico. Like us, you could be eager to send support, but are uncertain what to do. Though there are many excellent large organizations, PAZAZZ generally prefers smaller or slightly lesser known groups with less overhead, strong financials and transparency, and hands on involvement. We are drawn to those dedicated to quality assistance derived from each particular situation, in close coordination with local experts. Below are a few favorites.

Operation USA – OPUSA is on the ground in 100 countries, having donated $400 million dollars since its inception in 1979 and has a 4 Star Charity Navigator rating, 8 out of the last 10 years.

They provide health and education programs, medical supplies, energy and shelter needs on a grassroots level for immediate and effective disaster relief. 20 years ago they purchased a 24,000 square foot warehouse out of the Port of Los Angeles to house their vast supplies. Their infrastructure and financial support enable them to “get supplies there,” out of the warehouse and on the ground quickly.

All Hands Volunteers - another 4 Star Navigator non- profit was begun in 2004, when David Campbell responded to the Indian Ocean hurricane/tsunami devastation. It has grown exponentially ever since.

We are impressed by their nimbleness and creative problem solving as they work closely with local experts to devise solutions. We also like that they will  go to areas “off the beaten trail.” 148 days, being the average time on the job, goes a long way to ensuring that the work is long-lasting and sustainable. We so honor their commitment: We learn from those we serve.

Shelter Box – is another 4 Star Navigator non-profit that is on the ground in Mexico after the recent 8.1 magnitude earthquake, Texas and Florida. Their driving principles – no family goes without shelter and they stay until their work is finished. Post development, they turn to the monitoring and evaluation of their work so they might ever improve their equipment and service.

Shelter Boxes are full of critical supplies, beginning with family-sized tents and other essentials so families may immediately begin to repair and rebuild their homes. Here again, like Hands On, this organization is endlessly dedicated to learning from each project as they place high value on innovation and constant evolution.

Bright Prospect logo.jpg

Bright Prospects enables high potential, low-income students to gain admission, succeed and graduate from a 4 year college/university by providing comprehensive counseling and a support system throughout their high school and college years. Their ongoing support makes a HUGE difference.

Here are some inspiring facts…

  • Their students are attending 120 colleges across the U. S.

  • 98% matriculate to college.

  • 86% graduate college.

  • 25% proceed to graduate school

  • 87%  - first generation to attend college  

  • Aid - $1000 per student per year

  • Thus far, $60,000,000 in student aid

They began in Pomona, California in 2003 with 12 students. Today they are working with 2600 students! What an incredible opportunity for deserving young people! Soon they hope to expand to several other states! Indeed! Theirs is a great success story!

Bright Prospects

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