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Bedtime with Books


Mighty congratulations to Ryan Dubin, an incredibly resourceful and caring junior at Beverly Hills High School.


He has married the very successful Beverly Hills High School District PTA program, Bedtime with Books, to Books and Projects in a Box (BWB).  The demand is growing for this simple  but powerful  program that combines the importance of literacy and creativity with the enjoyment of group story time. 


It all starts with a Box!  He places three themed picture books, an art project for 24 students and a pillow for the reader.  These are the simple ingredients enabling schools, churches, temples and youth groups to host a story time event in their community.

He is building up a network here in Los Angeles. The Department of Family Services has connected him with 93rd Street Elementary and the teachers are hungry for BWB boxes, as are teachers in Chicago; Israel; Costa Rica; Puerto Rico where he made a connection when visiting recently. The kids LOVE the story times.  


His website,, posts some staggering statistics…

  • 80% of children in low income families are not reading proficiently;  

  • the student who is not reading up to grade level is 4x more likely to drop out of high school; 

  • and only 38% of children (6-8 years are read to) 


We are so incredibly proud of young Ryan, his commitment and his success. Now, he needs us! Please join us in adding whatever you can. Each box costs $2.50 per student.  The all in price is between $65 -$75 depending on mail expenses. 


Thank you in advance for your thoughtful consideration.

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