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An Attitude of Gratitude... 
I am grateful for...

Jennifer Breheny Wallace

Give Thanks

“A sense of entitlement seems too prevalent among young people today, but cultivating an attitude of gratitude is so easy and an effective antidote. Gratitude can be taught at any age, simply by regularly counting our blessings.” It’s true!   If we were to open our hearts and minds and begin a daily practice of noticing all the little joys that abound and expressing them, we might be amazed at the reward. For example: I am grateful for my friends; my family; my health; the warmth of the sun or even for that fresh steaming cup of coffee. You get the idea!  

We can debate the reasons for this misguided sense of entitlement which diminishes gratitude. Too often, parents are  organizing their lives around their kids, which invites the children to grow up expecting it is so with the world.

Researchers have found those who are grateful are happier. With just a little practice, this attitude of gratitude can become a mind-set, a way of seeing the world.

The evidence is enormous how this easy practice affects mood and enjoyment of life and importantly, those around us. Let’s do it!

For more... please refer to the Wall Street Journal.

Wallace, Jennifer Breheny. “How to Raise More Grateful Children.” The Wall Street Journal, 23 Feb. 2018.

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