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A Gift From Mom...

A Mother's Birthday Wish

Robin M. Keefe

Mother and Baby

I would like each of you to seriously explore volunteering for a nonprofit organization with the goal of serving on their board of directors. Consider it the ultimate gift to me and from me to you.

My work in the nonprofit world has empowered my life, enriched my life and defined my life.  I believe that working on something larger than yourself provides a foundation for enormous happiness in life. 


There are no other people who are more important to me than the four of you.  It is very natural for me to want this profound experience for each of you. And selfishly, I want our world to benefit from your enormous strengths.


I understand how busy each of you are with your relationship, friends and careers.  But I’ve met some of the greatest people through volunteering. Networking with passionate, committed people is about as rich and powerful as life can get. And we all understand that we make time in life for the things we deeply care about. 


Individually, I’ve heard you passionately talk about better urban design, clean water for all, homelessness eradication, environmental sustainability, mental health and urban health and gardening.  Each of these are noble causes and there is so much that you can contribute. 


Start with your passion and start exploring organizations that inspire you to engage. Most organizations are eager for volunteers, but as a caution, many are very disorganized; take note. Use your networks to connect to their board members and staff. Take the first steps and see how you will soar. Put this task on your calendar and give yourself a deadline. “Oh, the places you will go!” I am so excited! › Places › San Francisco, California


With love always and enormous pride in each of you,



About Robin M. Keefe

Robin was Founder/Executive Director of BookEnds Kids Helping Kids for Literacy, a non profit organization that engaged 300,000+ students to donate 2.9 million books to create 650+ libraries for 700,000 under-served Los Angeles students.  Robin currently works to build and grow Los Angeles nonprofit organizations.

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