"Big Shaggy Max is a wonderful heart-warming story engraved with themes of personal growth, community and responsibility. Tanenbaum and Zaslow brilliantly illustrate the commitment of pet ownership. It is a must read for any parent and child considering the adoption of a dog or any pet. “ 

- Isabel Hacker, Beverly Hills school board member

“Let Big Shaggy Max come home with your children and they will delight in this charming story that does more than entertain. Children will learn a valuable lesson in taking responsibility, and the satisfaction that comes when "Little Kids do BIG Things." I thoroughly enjoyed the story and will be sharing it with my young clients who often struggle with becoming responsible. Parents will welcome the opportunity to teach without preaching.”

- Edith Buie, MFT, child therapist and parenting consultant

“Tanenbaum and Zaslow have weaved the concepts of love, responsibility for self and others, care for animals and fun into a delightful story. Alex, a very believable, loveable boy and playful Max capture the reader’s heart. I applaud the authors for imbedding several life lessons in such an engaging story!”

- Dr. Beth Perak, Ph.D (USC), early literacy, associate professor and published author. 

“Wow! The students in my second grade class loved Big Shaggy Max. They were captivated by the story as well as how Alex solves his problem. Many were inspired to write new stories as a continuation to Big Shaggy Max, a teacher’s dream!”

- Linda Gregorczyk, 2nd grade teacher for over 30 years

“Parents all want to better instill the values of responsibility, compassion and sense of community. This wonderful little book does this in a way that is thoroughly engaging, the type of book I find irresistible. It is a little gem.”

- Lily Lee Fugier, Olympic figure skater

“I loved reading Big Shaggy Max! Not only is this book fun to read, it shows kids they can make their big ideas come true with a little hard work and determination. I value the confidence this builds. This book will be a staple in our household."

- Rocio Lugo Bonsall, Philanthropy Leader

"Big Shaggy Max by Patricia Tanenbaum and Carol Zaslow. The book is about a little boy who wants a dog. A very cute story about responsibilities of dog care. Read it you will love it like my grandson."

 - Dana Wright, NetGalley Reviewer

"This was very cute. My son is 4 and half months old and I love reading to him. I think he enjoys it too and sometimes it puts him to sleep. I definitely plan on keeping this on my kindle and reading it to him many more times in the future!"

 - Megan Joiner, NetGalley Reviewer

"All Alex wants is a dog of his own, but his parents say he isn't responsible enough. This is a cute story showing how hard Alex is trying not to create messes. It's a great story that teaches kids to strive to do great things."


- Pamela Dove, NetGalley Reviewer


"Ada loved this book. It was great fun and had a really good storyline, that was easy to follow. The illustrations were really great and brought the story to life."


- Ada Wignall, NetGalley Reviewer

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