Maria T. Bennett

My name is Maria. I grew up in northeastern Massachusetts near the New Hampshire border in a city named Haverhill. After high school, I moved to Purchase, New York to attend Manhattanville College and graduated with a Bachelor of Music degree. I met my husband through Xerox and ended up moving out to California. We married and now have 3 children. We also have a dwarf bunny named "Shadow" and a Bichon Frise puppy named "Finn". I have volunteered with the PTA since 2001, working with the Community Service Learning program, and as a Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Auditor and PTA President. In addition, I work full time as the Registrar at the high school.

I met Patti after I started volunteering in the PTA. My volunteer experience began on the Community Service Learning committee and at that time, Patti was a consultant with the program. I bumped into her in the District Office at the beginning of summer and she was looking for some help with the annual newsletter. The person who was helping her was no longer able to assist. I said "I can help you with that" and that started our friendship.

I met Carol a few years ago at a book signing event. We chatted for a long time, discovered we both knew Patti and I came away from that party with another friend. When Patti told me about this idea she had for a website with her friend Carol and they needed some help to get it going, I said "I can help you with that."


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