Candied Yams


15 yams


2 cups brown sugar


1.5 cups butter

Cinnamon/Vanilla - mix with melted butter and place on bottom, between potatoes and top for yummy marshmallows-after cooked to finish the top


  • Parboil the potatoes in boiling water until tender, but not too soft.

  • Drain and run cold water over all to halt the cooking.

  • Cut into circles, thickly so the pieces will have more texture.

  • Assemble the potatoes in a large rectangular Pyrex or other oven safe dish and cover.

  • I cook in the morning at 350 degrees for 2 hrs.

  • Baste regularly with the juices.

  • Remove cover when half way cooked. 


Then it can be warmed for 15-20 minutes – 350 degrees- just before eating. Again, dot with butter and add a wee more brown sugar. Just before serving- add the marshmallows and brown… the result? Yummy Candied Yams! 


Yield: 1.5 casseroles for 14-17 people

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