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Big Shaggy Max

Hits The Road!

Big Shaggy Max goes to school

with Patti & Carol

Pressman Academy 4.jpg
Pressman Academy 1.jpg

Pressman Academy

Pressman Academy 3.jpg
Pressman Academy 2.jpg
Canfield Elementary Library.jpg

Canfield Elementary School

Canfield Elementary students.jpg

Horace Mann Elementary School

P&C at HM Book Fair.jpg
HM Book Fair.jpg

Big Shaggy Max visits the Beverly Hills Children's Library!

BH Children's Library - 2-10-19.jpg
BH Children's Library - Reading to Kids.
BH Children's Library - with Little Max.
BH Children's Library - Pirnts into Thea
BH Children's Library - Paw Prints! _edi

Big Shaggy Max makes an appearance at Woofstock in Beverly Hills!

Woofstock-Patti Carol Garth.jpg

Meet Garth, Big Shaggy Max's understudy!

Woofstock-With Rescue Old English Sheepd

Big Shaggy Max right next to the Old English Sheepdog Rescue!

Woofstock-Jacque Nikki doing pawdicures.

Jacque and Nikki volunteer to give pawdicures!

Nikki holds a pomeranian getting a pawdicure


Patti and Ms. Beverly!

Woofstock-Big shaggy max-Watson!.jpg
Woofstock-Nikki holding a pomeranian for
Woofstock-Patti with Ms. Beverly.jpg

Watson LOVES Big Shaggy Max!

Snoopy gives hugs

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