Big Shaggy Max

Hits The Road!

Big Shaggy Max goes to school

with Patti & Carol

Pressman Academy 4.jpg
Pressman Academy 1.jpg

Pressman Academy

Pressman Academy 3.jpg
Pressman Academy 2.jpg
Canfield Elementary Library.jpg

Canfield Elementary School

Horace Mann Elementary School

Big Shaggy Max visits the Beverly Hills Children's Library!

BH Children's Library - 2-10-19.jpg
BH Children's Library - Pirnts into Thea
BH Children's Library - Paw Prints! _edi

Big Shaggy Max makes an appearance at Woofstock in Beverly Hills!

Woofstock-Patti Carol Garth.jpg

Meet Garth, Big Shaggy Max's understudy!

Big Shaggy Max right next to the Old English Sheepdog Rescue!

Jacque and Nikki volunteer to give pawdicures!

Nikki holds a pomeranian getting a pawdicure

Patti and Ms. Beverly!

Woofstock-Nikki holding a pomeranian for
Woofstock-Patti with Ms. Beverly.jpg

Watson LOVES Big Shaggy Max!

Snoopy gives hugs